The sexiest accent in the world is revealed

The accents crowd sexiest in the world revealed. [Photo: Getty Images]

If you can't get enough of the Scottish vernacular or you go weak at the knees when a French person speaks, you'll love this list of the sexiest accents in the world.

Big 7 Travel has released their official top 50 sexiest accents for 2019, and the New Zealand accent has officially been crowned the hottest in the world.

Meanwhile, Australian accents came in at fifth place, with voters claiming to love how Aussies skip the end of our words and pronounce them long and slow.

"To a novice ear, the New Zealand accent might sound just like the Australian accent, but Big 7 Travel readers disagree," the website reads.

"The 'Newzild' dialect is outrageously charming. The sexiest accent in the world? It's official."

Coming in at second place is the South African accent, which was loved by readers for its 'unique tones', while the Irish drawl came in at number three, with the loveable accent winning hearts all over the world.

Crowned in fourth place was the 'completely beautiful' Italian accent and rounding off the top five is Australian, which is described as 'a real turn on' because of how we skip the ending of words and pronounce them in a slow way.

Check out the top 20 below:

1. New Zealand

2. South African

3. Irish

4. Italian

5. Australian

6. Scottish

7. French

8. Spanish

9. U.S Southern

10. Brazilian Portuguese

11. Czech

12. Queen's English

13. Canadian

14. Hungarian

15. Ukrainian

16. Danish

17. Jamaican

18. Mancunian

19. Argentine

20. Zimbabwean

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