Boy with ability to draw accurate map of the world


A map making marvel has been discovered in Solihull, seven-year-old Joseph Jonah Lucas can depict and label all the world's countries, capitals, borders and seas in minutes.

The primary school pupil, called JJ by primary school teacher mum Suzanne, can draw a detailed and accurate the world map from memory in as little as a quarter of an hour.

The cartographic sensation has his bedroom decorated with map wallpaper, flag bunting, a map duvet and a globe next to his bed.

JJ was non-verbal until for the first few years of his life and was diagnosed with autism aged three in 2015.

After seeing a video about 'Obscure flags of Canada' on YouTube in late 2017 he became fascinated by all cartography and often spent his evenings looking up at his wall memorising the shapes of the world's countries and he is now able to list the countries of the world in both alphabetical and size order.


Proud mum Sue Garner, 39, told The Birmingham Mail: "He knows more than me and I'm a teacher. It's quite embarrassing.

"It's entirely self-taught. He isn't even taught geography at school so this is completely off his own back.

"He'll run over and say 'test me, test me'. What amazes me is that he's right 99 per cent of the time.

"You can name any country and he'll be able to name the capital and its bordering country within seconds. It's most incredible really."

JJ has even helped pick Cyprus as the family's holiday destination for this summer and is now attempting to learn the alphabet of every country by the end of the year!

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