Mum horrified after son shaves his and his siblings' hair

Mum horrified after son shaves his and his siblings' hair

Hacking off your hair is almost a rite of passage for children, and the results of the re-styles can often be hilarious.

But one mum was left in tears after her son decided to give himself and his siblings new haircuts with an electric razor.

Stephanie Plucknette, a nurse from the US, took to Instagram to share her children's new styles.

Her eldest son, Teddy, found the razor, plugged it in and decided to play a game of hairdressers with his brother, Freddie and sister, Eloise.

He began by shaving the top of his head, before leaving his sister with a big bald spot between her bunches.

And after working his magic on his youngest brother, the toddler was left with a few stray bald patches on top of his head.

It's hard not to chuckle when Stephanie asks daughter Eloise if she likes her new haircut and the girl immediately replies "No".

When asked why she let her brother to do it, Teddy is quick to step in and explain: "She said she liked me doing that a lot and I did it and we wanted to show you."

The Internet also discovered little Teddy's foray into hairdressing via his uncle, Ian Hagadorn, who shared the video on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

Many praised the mum-of-three for staying so so calm in the face of the hairstyling disaster and comforting her kids by telling them that the hair will grow back.

It isn't just hacking off their hair that kids often get up to when parents' backs are turned.

Recent research revealed that children putting things in their ears or up their nose is actually costing the NHS £3m a year!

A new paper, titled Will Children Ever Learn?, found that youngsters were responsible for the vast majority of hospital cases where medics needed to remove items from ears and noses.

Between 2010 and 2016, 8,752 nasal and 17,325 aural (ear) foreign bodies were removed from adults and children.

Youngsters were responsible for 95% of objects removed from noses and 85% of objects removed from ears.

- This article first appeared on Yahoo

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