Kinds of protein that'll help you lose weight

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Are you desperate to shift some pounds?

From black beans to cod, we consider 16 ways you can use protein to shed weight.

Watch the video to find out more.

Breakfast foods
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Breakfast foods
Oatmeal porridge with blueberries and peach. Porridge bowl. Healthy breakfast food. Rustic style
breakfast table
Multigrain toast with fried egg, fresh herbs and roasted tomatoes
Eating breakfast with avocado toast and egg from personal perspective point of view
Cropped hands of woman holding bowl of cereals. Healthy breakfast, favorite meal. Homemade granola, fresh summer fruits and berries, yoghurt with sweet cherry, strawberry and apricot on light gray table viewed from above
Eating brunch with waffle, avocado, cucumber, salmon and poached egg, personal perspective
Homemade pancake with liquid sweet honey on brick background. Selective focus.
Bowl of yogurt with strawberries and granola, over a white wood background. Flat lay, side orientation.
breakfast with cup of coffee, croissants, orange juice and fruit jam on wooden table
Toast with with fried egg, avocado, red radish, tomato and cress
Closeup on a young woman's hands as she is having breakfast
Toast with avocado and egg on rustic wooden background
Hearty Breakfast
Healthy breakfast greek yogurt, granola and strawberry bowl in hands of woman wearing white loose knitted woolen sweater, selective focus. Clean eating, healthy, vegetarian, dieting food concept
Closeup of a continental breakfast at a hotel, with bowls and plates filled with a selection of breakfast bakery items and fresh fruit on a white table with cutlery in the background.
gedeckter Frühstückstisch
A delicios breakfast bagel with bacon, egg and cheese.
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Two rye toasts with mashed avocado, seeds and green salad on white plate. Top view
High angle view of breakfast and coffee on the table in a cafe
variety of sandwiches on bagels: egg, avocado, ham, tomato, soft cheese, alfalfa sprouts
Vegetarian breakfast burrito with eggs and bell pepper
Bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with english muffin on cutting board
Cooking lunch for the child to school. On the gray kitchen table. Sandwich, strawberries and peanuts in lunchboxes. Top view. Woman holding an apple
Mexican style breakfast with poached egg, guacamole sauce and coleslaw on flour tortilla on gray background with copy space viewed from above, Mexican cuisine
Greek yogurt with whole grain cereals and berry sauce, pancakes, arugula, cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs salad, kiwi, apples fruit, salami and cream cheese sandwiches on a wooden background, top view. Flat lay breakfast table
Close up of Eggs Benedict with liquid egg yolk running out
Bacon breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese slice isolated on white - clipping path included (excluding the shadow)
Oatmeal porridge bowl with blueberries, cranberries, almonds and coconut flakes on gray background. Top view, closeup
Directly Above Shot Of Bananas With Blueberries And Raspberries In Cup On Table
Fresh homemade belgian waffles with blueberries and banana for breakfast on wooden background.
Photo Taken In Germany, Berlin
Toast with avocado and egg with heart shape on white plate
Photo Taken In Madrid, Spain

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