Couples are seeking sleep divorce

You and your partner may be completely sleep-incompatible.

This has become such a huge problem, that according to Psychology Today, 30 per cent of people would rather sleep separately from their other half.

It's becoming what's known as a 'sleep divorce' and far from being a sign of a relationship in trouble, experts are saying it could be a good thing.

"Poor sleep also can have negative effects on relationships," PT reports.

"Lack of sleep may diminish the positive feelings we have for our partners. Researchers found people with lower quality sleep demonstrated lower levels of gratitude, and were more likely to have feelings of selfishness, than those who slept well.

"People who slept poorly showed less of a sense of appreciation for their partners.

"What's more, poor sleep on the part of one person in the relationship had a negative effect on feelings of appreciation and gratitude for both partners.

"Suggest trying it for one or two nights a week and see how it goes."

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