Britain 'will run out of fish and chips' under no deal Brexit

EU officials warned Britain that traditional fish and chips would be in shortage if a no deal Brexittook place.

A treasured dish in the UK, fish and chip lovers would face a 'crippling shortage' of the beloved takeaway meal.

If the UK left with a no deal Brexit on April 12, there would be importation blocks in play, plus EU boats would lose access to British waters and vice versa.

The EU wants the UK to agree to a short-term agreement, giving the EU fleet guaranteed access to British waters until 2019, which the Government has refused.

British chip shops would not have enough white fish such as cod and haddock if the relationship broke down.

The EU official said: "Currently the UK consumes more white fish than it catches in its waters and could catch in its waters.

"Any fish the UK doesn't catch it will have to import and that will become a trade issue."

A senior EU official claimed Brussels would demand Britain pay for a £39 billion Brexit bill, protect citizens' rights and find a solution to the Irish border issue before reopening talks if no deal happens.

On average, 21,000 tonnes of cod in if fished from Britain's water. But the country imports 110,000 tonnes to keep up with demand.

- This article first appeared on Yahoo

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