Quick reactions save motorbike rider from toppling shipping container

Lorry toppling

This is the miraculous moment a quick-thinking biker cheated death when a lorry toppled over inches in front of him.

The dashcam footage has emerged from a driver in Nonthaburi, Thailand, whose device was filming as the motorcyclist slams on his brakes when he spots the trucker is losing control of his trailer and load as he rounds a bend.

When one of the 18-wheeler's rear tyres bursts it soon causes the speeding vehicle to topple onto its side. Having cheated death, the scooter rider swerves from the outside of the truck to the inside and carries on his journey seemingly unperturbed!

Lorry toppling

Praphas Phon-anan, who was driving behind the two vehicles told the Daily Mail: "I was very shocked when I saw the truck roll over in front of me. I don't want to imagine what would have happened if I'd decided to accelerate my car and pass it."

Following the crash, Mr Phon-anan checked that the lorry driver was in a stable condition before reporting the accident to the local police station that was only 200 meters away.

He added: "Truckers have to be experienced and be very careful because such accidents could kill innocent people. The biker and I were just lucky this time."

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