'Teleporting cat vanishes' in strange video clip

A video claiming to show a cat teleporting has been shared by her US owner.

The clip shows Cuddles the cat in the lounge of the house in Cartersville, Georgia and disappearing out of view, behind what looks like a reclining chair.

According to the owner, Sharon Brown, Cuddles had entered the kitchen. But then, as seen on the home security camera, Cuddles casually re-enters the lounge from the hallway - and not through the kitchen - from an entirely different direction.

"No trick photography, no twins," the owner wrote online.

She told Newsflare: "The Canary security camera caught my cat Cuddles in the act of teleporting. You see Cuddles in the frame, she takes a couple of steps then vanishes only to reappear coming from the hallway."

"This is a 'shotgun house' - the front door is behind the camera and the back door is straight through the kitchen, no other entries or exits," she continued.