People aren’t buying a this chopping board ‘hack’

A so-called chopping board hack for preparing food has been put on trial by the internet, and the jury's out.

Edmonton Journal, a daily newspaper serving Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada, shared a picture of a chopping board – on its Twitter account, which has 170,000 followers.

It depicts someone using the board's small hole in order to funnel chopped up veg into a small bowl.

It's true we all like a food-related hack, from the microwave rice hack which keeps our kitchen appliances clean to the time-saving way to make mashed potato.

Yet this particular "hack" was met with scepticism by Twitter users.

Many ridiculed the trick, saying it would make the whole food preparation process take longer.

Others stressed the hole was just a handle – and not a funnel.

One person even dug up the patent for the chopping board design, in their zeal to dismiss the hack.

However, it seemed a select few were on board (excuse the pun) with this trick, while others conceded it may work – but only with "finely-diced" food.

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- This article originally appeared on Yahoo UK
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