UK driver forced to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting school children

Girls in road

A driver in Birmingham was forced to slam on the brakes recently to avoid hitting a group of school children who tried to cross the road in front of moving traffic.

Dashcam footage filmed on Chester Road shows the driver screech to a halt just before hitting the group of girls as the run across the road, in spite of the traffic lights being green for traffic.

One of the group is seen to halt between the lanes of traffic but the other three sprint across just inches from the bumpers of oncoming traffic.

Girls in road

John, whose dashcam captured this footage, later told Newsflare "I am extra careful now approaching partially obscured pelican crossings and the like, not relying on pedestrians to cross when they should."

A women was left in critical condition after a collision with a car on the same road, one of Birmingham's busiest, last October.

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