The best tricks for stain removal

Person pointing to spilled curry stain on white shirt.

Stains can be a pain to remove, and many of us reach for the expensive detergents to banish them, only to find that it hasn't completely worked.

There's any number of products you can buy that promise to get your clothes looking pristine, but most will never have tried common hairspray. A quick blast of hairspray on lipstick stains followed by a wipe and a wash will erase the oily residue. It can also be used to wipe away pen marks of budding child artists from the walls of your home.

Common food and drink stains can be harder to shift because of the oils and fats. Sparking water and salt with an overnight soak is usually strong enough to remove even the harshest coffee and wine stains; while washing up liquid can easily shift dirt stains from your carpets.

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