Have you been washing your towels all wrong?

While we're all meticulous about scrubbing our hands of any dirt, did you ever stop to think how often you wash the towels you are drying yourself with?

Most people believe that because we only use our towels sporadically, they don't need to be put through the washing machine as much as our clothes or bed sheets.

However, we've apparently been getting it wrong this whole time because it turns out that our kitchen towels are absolutely filthy.

According to a piece on Expert Home Tips, we should actually be washing our tea towels every single day.

Bits of raw food and dirt can easily build up on the towels throughout the day and the website states that they need a good spin in a 60-degree cycle to rid them of it.

Not only are our kitchen towels the unlikely germ-holders in our homes but our bathroom towels are just as bad.

The website claims that damp towels in the bathroom are known for becoming extreme breeding grounds for bacteria.

When you think about it, you use the towel every day and each time you rub yourself, tiny bits of dead skin fall from your body onto it.

That's why the website states that you should endeavour to put your bath or shower towels in the wash every three days on a 60-degree wash.

- This article first appeared on Yahoo

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