Woman drops seven stone in just over a year after getting 'stuck' in Alton Towers ride

A woman shed an incredible seven stone after getting stuck in a ride at Alton Towers.

Mandee Hall, 37, from Oswaltwistle in Lancashire, was 18 stone and nine pounds at her heaviest weight, wearing size 24 clothing.

The mother of two used to eat McDonald's fast food, takeaway curries and chip shop dinners on a regular basis, which made her weight creep up.

Embarrassed about her size, Hall would make excuses to avoid socialising. However, a series of embarrassing incidents encouraged her to turn her life around.

First, she was told she was over the weight limit to go horse riding. Soon afterwards, she got stuck in the Galactica ride at Alton Towers theme park.

"I had also been to Alton Towers with the children and struggled to get on one of the rides and I was absolutely horrified," Hall told SWNS.

"I basically, got wedged into the ride and hated it the whole way round because I thought 'How am I going to get out, am I going to get stuck?'"

Further driven by an unflattering picture of herself taken during Boxing Day in 2013, she joined her local Slimming World.

She dropped seven stone in just 15 months after beginning her weight loss journey. Although she struggled at first to keep the weight off – gaining back three stone – her weight has since dropped back down and maintains the seven stone loss.

"I feel happy and I'm content with where I am," she says.

"I still go to group now just to keep me focussed because it is so easy to slip back into bad habits.

"I feel a lot more confident now. I have been to Alton Towers several times since and I feel like I'm now going to fall out of the ride – I have a lot more room now."

Her typical daily meals now consist of fat free Greek yoghurt with blueberries for breakfast, chicken salads or homemade vegetable soup for lunch, and lean steak or chilli for dinner.

While Slimming World is a popular weight loss programme, one man used a much less traditional way to lose weight.

Ryan Williams, a 29-year-old postman from Cheltenham, lost more than a stone through eating McDonalds for a month.

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