Mum defends taking her 10-year-old to the gym

A mum who says 'there's nothing wrong with kids getting bikini body ready' has defended her decision to train at the gym with her daughter since she was 10.

Hayley Sinclair, 43, and her daughter, Maisie, now 16, started working out together in 2013 after Maisie began complaining about her 'puppy fat' as a child.

Hayley said it was her 'duty as a mother' to plan an exercise regime for her daughter – which included 20 sit ups, squats, lunges and ab crunches.

The mum-of-two found a gym that Maisie was able to enroll in and pledged to help her get in shape.\

Mother and daughter at gym

"In just four months Maisie looked leaner and fitter after going to the gym," Hayley said.

"She lost her puppy fat and we focused on looking great while on holiday in Florida.

"It might seem extreme to say to a child but Maisie was starting to prefer how she looked and the exercise was giving her more confidence.

"Even my son, Leo, then six, would get involved.

"And even now I'm proud of showing my family how to lead a healthy lifestyle."

Hayley – who runs her own personal training business called Limitless Personal Training – said while Maisie's studies take priority over their gym routine they love going together.

"It's great to have some mum and daughter time and although we've never had any criticism, I always make it clear to Maisie that our aim is to be healthy not skinny," the London mum said.

"I can't see that there is anything wrong with parents that want to help ensure their kids lead a healthy lifestyle."

"It's impossible for kids not to worry about their appearance in today's world of the internet and TV showing our kids how their bodies should look.

"We can't shield them from that but we can help educate them on how to improve their lifestyles."

She said her daughter has now grown into an educated young women when it comes to diet and the gym.

"I know plenty of people who say 'children should be children', but if your child says they're concerned about their weight and you know they could be more active, then parents should help," she said.

"Embracing a healthy lifestyle is something all children and teenagers should do so they go on to be healthy adults."

Maisie said her mum has helped her feel more confident.

"Even though I wasn't overweight, I was a bit bigger than I wanted to be which was making me self-conscious," Maisie said.

"I have prioritised my school studies at the moment but we normally go twice a week together.

"My friends think it's great that we're able to train together and as my mum is an expert she's great at being able to help with technique and diet."

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