All the super weird things that can happen when you kiss someone

Heading into Valentine's Day, you may find yourself swapping saliva with your partner more than usual, and while it may feel like the big bang, the science behind it is just as powerful.

According to Bustle, a single kiss comes with up to 80 million bacteria. It sounds gross but bacteria can actually strengthen your immune system, making you healthier.

For all the germaphobes stressed out by this fact, pucker up! Kissing can actually make you less stressed as it reduces cortisol levels.

And it turns out having chemistry with someone isn't just a saying. Researchers at Oxford University have found kissing someone is nature's way of selecting a potential mate.

Right before a kiss your mouth can start to water, which believe it or not, can actually be good for your teeth by flushing out all that stagnant bacteria.

And of course, kissing helps you feel the bond between you and your partner, releasing oxytocin into your saliva otherwise known as the feel good hormone.

Wow, who knew saliva was so sexy!?

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