Flight attendant's hilarious pre-flight speech to passengers

Marty Cobb, a now-famous flight attendant, has been filmed delivering one of her hilarious PA announcements to passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight.

The Houston-based crew member manages to pack her safety briefing with a quick-fire series of jokes that consistently leaves passengers in hysterics.

In this clip she tells the passengers: "Can I pretend to have your attention for just a few moments? My two young identical twin son and daughter are going to show you the safety features of this 737-800. I'm so proud of these kids!"

Cobb then tells passengers how to properly buckle their belts: "Properly fasten your seatbelt slide the flat end in the buckle. Position your seatbelt tight and low across your hips like Michael Phelps wears his Speedos."

Her speeches definitely seem to get the passengers' full attention and any pre-flight nerves forgotten.

She continues: "If you push the button above your head with hairy light bulb on it turns the light on. However, if you push the button with the picture of the flight attendant it does NOT turn us on."

Her performance is so good, she even gets a round of applause when she finishes.

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