Where airlines stand when it comes to tipping flight attendants

Staff writer
Flight attendant holding tray with coffee, mid section
Flight attendant holding tray with coffee, mid section

Being a flight attendant may seem like a glamorous job, but the long hours on their feet, complaining passengers and potentially low pay mean that they're not always appreciated.

A budget airline in the US has taken the unusual step of encouraging its passengers to tip flight attendants, and while it may seem like a very alien practice to most - airlines actually have established rules.

A travel writer on a Frontier Airlines flight noticed that the option to tip was given as he made his transaction using an onboard tablet. This in turn raised interesting questions about what we should expect or do as passengers.

What the writer found concerning tipping was a complex set of rules which varied widely between airlines. Of course, cabin crew are not just the people who serve you your drinks. They have to be trained in advanced first aid and cope with potentially any inflight emergencies.

So the question is, where do you draw the line from a customer service point of view?