Signs you’re the selfish one in the relationship

Staff writer

You never listen to your partner? Your opinion is the only one? These may be the signs you're the selfish one in your relationship.

We all like to think that when things go wrong it's the other person who is to blame. But if you often ignore your other half over contentious issues or during rows, it can be like 'slamming a door in their face' emotionally.

Refusing to engage or blanking your partner can be hurtful but highlights a self-centred attitude that might scream that perhaps it's you that's the problem rather than them. This comes from the belief that your perspective is the only valid one. Rather than getting your own way - you're more than likely setting the scene for future arguments.

Other signs may include being upset when your partner makes arrangements without you, despite the fact it's healthy to have your own interests outside of each other.

But, the number one sign may be threatening to end the relationship when your own needs are not met. This ultimate sanction, if frequently used, is a means of control and destroys the ability to build trust and grow together.

While context and keeping these behaviours in perspective is important, after all not everyone who walks a way from a row now and again is selfish, but they are indicators that shouldn't readily be ignored. Ultimately, listening, engaging and entertaining your partner's views or complaints can help build a better relationship for the long term.