Meghan and Harry will follow these royal baby traditions experts predict

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Birkenhead

The Duchess of Sussex may be bringing a certain free spirit to the royal family, but there are a set of protocols which even she and Prince Harry are expected to follow when it comes to the birth of their baby.

On a recent royal visit the happy couple told an onlooker that they didn't know the sex of the baby, and there's a reason for this. Traditionally, royals don't enquire about the sex of the child, instead they wait until delivery day. The first person to be told is not in fact the grandparents, but the Queen.

After the royal baby is born a 61 gun salute will be held at the Tower of London and an announcement will be made outside Buckingham Palace.

Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may seek to live a non-traditional royal life, they will never the less be expected to follow the rules even in the upbringing of their child.

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