Youngster loses half her brain in life-saving op

A young girl has been left with half a functioning brain after an operation to save her life.

Four-year-old Lilly-May Harris, of Redhills, Exeter, was diagnosed with Rasmussen syndrome.

The ultra-rare condition affects just one in 1.8 million people and left Lilly-May suffering from seizures which grew in frequency and intensity.

Heartbreaking decision

The gruelling 18-hour operation disconnected the inflamed right side of her brain.

Lilly-May's parents, Carly and James, made the heartbreaking decision for their daughter to have the major surgery last October knowing it was her only hope but that she might not pull through it, and if she did the disabilities she could be left with were uncertain, DevonLive reported.

However, she is already making a "miraculous recovery" having regained her speech and some movement, and it is hoped she might finally be able to come home this month.

Carly, 30, told DevonLive: "We have never heard one whinge from Lilly... even after her surgery having lost movement and half her sight she did not moan once. All my family and friends are in awe of her. They can't believe she is such a smiley child despite all she has gone through and she is still as kind and loving. She makes me so proud."

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