Cars take a stroll into the future on legs

Not matter how rough the road, the Hyundai Elevate can keep going.

The South Korean company revealed its latest concept at CES in Las Vegas, aiming at emergency responders after a natural disaster.

But it could also be used in more conventional, urban settings - driving normally until you run out of road.

The car's designer, David Byron, said: "Our idea here was: could you, you know, help someone get out of a snow ditch? Could you help someone elevate to a front door when they can't get out of their front door if it's someone with disabilities in a wheel chair and they don't have a ramp?

"So we tried to think of any scenario that happens in urban scenarios, but also off-road and really say, like, 95 percent of the terrain on the Earth, we could get there. So that was our goal."

A scale model robot, in our video (above) shows the vehicle's two walking gaits - mammalian and reptilian - which would allow it to move in any direction. Step by step.

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