Amazing sticker could keep fruit fresh for up to a fortnight longer

A company claim this simple sticker can keep fruit fresh for up to two weeks longer.

Malaysian inventor Zhafri Zainudin grew up in a rural community an hour south of Kuala Lumpur and wanted to help a friend who owned sold tropical fruit whose product would often spoil before it was all sold.

After much research and experimentation, he found a solution – adding a substance to the back of food stickers. He coated them with a mixture of sodium chloride and beeswax. This reportedly slows down the ripening process by removing ethylene from the air. Ethylene is the ripening hormone found in fresh fruit and veg. The sticker is also meant to inhibits mould activity.

If this prodcut takes of it could help tackle one of the biggest challenges of our time - an estimated 52% of harvests go bad before reaching consumers.

The stickers are said to work best on mangos, avocados, papayas, dragon fruit, start fruits, apples, and pears. Zainudin's company Stixfresh now wants to design a similar concept in the future for berries and vegetables.