Woman sparks uproar after complaining about 'useless' Christmas presents from family

Christmas is meant to be a time to be grateful and if you're lucky enough to receive Christmas presents from loved ones, then you should be counting your blessings.

So when one woman took to the online forum Mumsnet slamming the Christmas presents her family intended to gift her on Christmas Day as 'useless' and 'bags of tat,' people were not impressed.

Some even called her out for being a 'Scrooge' during the joyful holiday.

"I want a simple Christmas this year so asked for no gifts," the woman started her post.

"Reason being that year after year we get bags of useless gifts that I have to sort and take to the charity shop which I don't want to do this year as I'm also left burdened with the guilt of them having wasted money.

"DM (darling mother) agreed but on Monday she text to ask what we want for Christmas. I replied and reminded her no gifts. She didn't reply and she has ignored me since (we normally text every day).

"We're supposed to be visiting on Monday but how do I react if she hands over her usual bags of tat?" she wrote to the forum followed by: "I don't want to be ungrateful but don't want to encourage her either as going forward we want to make no gifts a regular thing."

While trying to remain reasonable the woman sought out advice, asking: "Should I suck it up or stick to my guns?"

However many of the respondents sided with the woman's mother suggesting: "She probably gets some pleasure out if picking gifts for you!"

"It won't kill you and it will make her happy," another argued.

Others agreed that she shouldn't put a damper on the festive season and let others have joy from buying presents if they wanted to.

"Why would you lose your temper with her that's just unpleasant?" another questioned.

"If you had told her some of the things you wanted you might not get any of the 'tat' you don't appreciate," a third person wrote.

"Heaven forbid your poor mum gets any enjoyment out of the season," they added.

Whether you agree or not about these Christmas presents debate, we suppose it's only natural for things to get a little tense around the festive season.

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