These expensive foods will expand your waistline and shrink your wallet

It's nice to go out and treat yourself from time-to-time but some people go over the top with decadent foods with prices that can break the bank, but how much would you be willing to spend?

For some the cost of trying a new food fad can cost the equivalent of a whole week or, even a months wages.

Would you be willing to pay over £1000 on a cream cheese bagel with gold flakes? The Westin hotel in New York caused a stir with its expensive lunch-time snack; but it was all for a good cause after the proceeds went to a food shelter.

One restaurant recently put a £2400 steak on the menu and one outlet, Industry Kitchen, was offering a pricey pizza topped with gold leaf for a whopping £1600, but it must be ordered two days in advance.

It's not clear who, apart from the ultra rich, would opt to buy these decadent food offerings over a good old fashioned takeaway.

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