Peta wants you to stop using these phrases

Peta wants you to stop saying "flogging a dead horse" and other common idioms that aren't vegan-friendly.

The animal rights organisation says phrases like "there's more than one way to skin a cat" can perpetuate violence toward animals.

The number of people leading a meat-free existence has risen greatly in recent years as the benefits of a plant-based diet and the environmental impact of meat eating have become more widely known.

One leading vegan said the expressions such as "bringing home the bacon" were actually offensive to vegans and speciesist towards other animals.

Dr Jeanette Rowley from the Vegan Society told Radio 5 Live: "These expressions are offensive to vegans because they entrench animal abuse.

"We live in an extremely speciesist society and protection for vegans would address this and bring balance and help not just vegans but transitioning vegans and help people make the choice.

"The principle of freedom of conscience is about having the right to be able to adopt a way of life freely and at the moment it is difficult to adopt and sustain veganism because of entrenched speciesism.

"These expressions don't help, they are offensive expressions and we don't want to define non-human animals in that way."

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