Five cleaning habits that are making your kitchen dirtier

Some of the tips and tricks you use to clean your kitchen could be making it less sanitary. Here are 5 habits you might want to avoid.

Washing raw meat and poultry Rinsing poultry and meat spreads harmful bacteria to the countertops and sink.

Letting food completely cool before storing Bacteria growth thrives at room temperature. You only have to let your piping hot dish slightly cool before refrigerating it.

Judging the readiness of meat by looking at it Looks can be deceiving, which could lead to food poisoning. AUse a meat thermometer instead.

Defrosting meat and poultry in the fridge Defrosting meat on the top shelves of the fridge can easily lead to cross contamination.

Putting a clean knife into the knife block Remember to regularly clean your knife block to lessen the risk of re-contaminating your clean knives.