Why too much water can be unhealthy

Rarely do we hear about needing to be cautious over clean, drinking water, but experts warn that too much is unhealthy and in extreme cases can lead to death.

Cases of dehydration are well-documented but overhydration is also a serious condition.

Exceeding the recommended daily intake of roughly 64 ounces of H2O, especially in a short amount of time can lead to water intoxication. The kidneys can process over half this amount in a hour. If the intake is greater, the water moves to cells in the body. There the cells swell causing the blood sodium levels to drop which makes it hard for the body to regulate blood pressure.

Business Insider reports that most cells can manage the swelling except for cells in the brain due to the skull's inflexible structure. This can cause headaches, confusion or drowsiness. In extreme cases of water intoxication, this can lead to brain damage, comas or even death.

Marathon runners are most susceptible as roughly 15% suffer from some form of water intoxication during their races due to the strain and stresses already placed on the body during the event. Runners aside, experts suggest keeping tabs on you how much water you drink to avoid having too much.

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