Five foods you should avoid eating for lunch

What you eat for lunch can screw up your day – and your stomach. Here are five foods you should avoid eating for lunch.

If you're downing a plate of pasta with meat sauce for lunch, you're doing it wrong! The refined carbohydrates and heavy sauce are enough to put you in a food coma, which isn't great when you need to get back to work.

Grabbing a pre-made sandwich on the go is convenient, but remember they often have processed white bread, high levels of sodium in the deli meats and can be packed with unhealthy preservatives.

Most juices contain a lot of sugar and no protein. Expect that surge of energy to be followed by a crash.

Grabbing a burger and fries is super convenient, but with all of the combo meals offered these days, that lunch is going to eat up most of your calories for the day. And the artery-clogging trans fats aren't helping your insides.

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