Wine, beer and chocolate 'can help you live longer'

Glass of wine and chocolate

It's wise to take health advice that runs contrary to common sense with a pinch of salt (or low-sodium salt substitute).

But anyone who enjoys a tipple or the odd square of dark chocolate may be heartened by the results of a research carried out in Sweden - which found that some treats might actually be good for us, in moderation.

More than 68,000 people were studied over the course of 16 years, and it was discovered that those who ate anti-inflammatory foodstuffs were 18 per cent less likely to die than those who didn't.

Their risk of dying from cardiovascular disease was 20 per cent lower and cancer deaths were 13 per cent lower.

These anti-inflammatory foods include wine, beer and dark chocolate - along with traditional "good" foods like vegetables, fruit and nuts - as well as tea and coffee.

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