The truth about the side effects of flu vaccine

With weather changes comes the inevitable start to flu season, if you are still debating whether to get your flu shot or not this year, here are some truths you should know about getting vaccinated.

The elderly and other vulnerable people are advised to get vaccinated to prevent possible health complications.

However, some wrongly believe that the injection gives you a mild dose of flu. Experts explain that this isn't the case as the vaccine is made up of inert parts of the virus.

However, doctors admit that you can still get flu even if you have been vaccinated.

The reason why? While many report headaches and even fevers, this is because the flu shot actually takes up to two weeks to take effect. So it's possible that you could contract flu or a variation of the virus during in this time.

The best advice is to get the vaccine to lower your chances of infection or minimise the effects of flu. As with any medical matter consult your GP first.

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