Naked couple conceives baby during making of new reality show 'Stripped'

The show Stripped premiered on Bravo last week. The unscripted reality experiment followed participants for 21 days as they try to live with no money or possessions.

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They are allowed to pick one item a day to have back, like pants or a car. And the entire time they are expected to live their normal lives, including work.

The premiere episode followed married couple, Justin and Ali. The couple was hoping that by getting rid of their material distractions, they could focus on their relationship and talk about starting a family.

Ali is a wardrobe stylist and lover of material things, so it was quite a challenge for her at first. Particularly the lack of her phone, which she spends most of her day on.

Justin however found the experiment to be freeing from the very beginning. It also provided him with an opportunity to discuss having a baby with Ali.

Then, six months after the taping, the couple revealed that they are pregnant. According to Ali's calculations they baby was conceived during the taping. And better yet, it was the couch, which they chose on the first day, that helped usher their baby into this world.

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