Revealed! Britain's most festive pub

Kensington's The Churchill Arms Lights Up For Christmas

Is this Britain's most festive pub?

The Churchill Arms in Kensington has been long popular with London Instagrammers for its photogenic window boxes in the spring and summer.

However, every Christmas, the landlord gives the venue a festive makeover and swaps plant pots for Christmas trees.

The historic pub, which dates back to 1750, is covered in 21,000 Christmas lights and 90 fir trees, at a cost of £5,000.

Kensington's The Churchill Arms Lights Up For Christmas

During the summer, the pub is covered in 100 tubs, 42 baskets and 48 window boxes, costing an estimated £25,000 annually on maintaining the flora and fauna.

It's not just the outside that impresses, the pub's interior is pretty spectacular too and features London and Winston Churchill memorabilia.

Over the decades, the bar has refreshed famous punters such as Prince Edward and former Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

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