Tech that could make a great stocking-filler

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Traditionally, the big Christmas tech buy is the main attraction under the tree and by far the costliest. That usually means the stockings are filled up with chocolate and cheap tat. Well, not this year, kids! With thousands of budget tech products available in the £10 to £50 range, you can literally fill your boots...

Tech the halls!
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Tech the halls!
Santa is unlikely to leave a set of Sennheiser Orpheus in anyone’s stockings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have perfectly decent headphones in there. The cheapest one (that isn’t useless) is the Panasonic RP-HJE125E-K Ergo fit-in-earphone at £6.75. Perfectly decent sound, 3-size ear pads for comfortable fit, bargain. If you want to spend a few more pennies for a good quality headband model, the Sony MDR-ZX310 foldable headphone is lightweight, powerful enough and yours for just £15. And for those aching for headphones that are seasonal, try the SBS Winter Stereo Headphones with earmuffs included for the same price.
The power bank doesn’t come more compact or sleeker than the CHJGD Powerstick, a lipstick-sized beauty that comes in four fun designs (including Gin & Tonic and Rubik’s Cube) and is compatible with most smartphones and tablets (£12.99). For something more powerful and faster, the Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 (£20) gives at least three charges at high-speed on pretty much any device. Finally, for the sci-fi partner or friend, the Star Wars Power Bank (£20) is a force with which to be reckoned.

For an LCD eWriter that slips neatly into a purse, pocket or stocking, you can’t get better value than the Boogie Board, the cheapest model starting out at just £14.99. Basic, and as easy to use as putting pen to paper. If the writer and doodler in your life deserves something a bit more solid and hi-tech, the Improv Boogie Board (£49.95) is the one to get.

As wirelessly-streamed audio from your devices that last long enough and sound good enough go, the JBL range is the best value, with the Go Ultra Portable available at just £19.99. The best bargain is the ultra-portable, water-resistant Oontz Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, which retails at £99.99 but is going for £27.99, and offers high quality crystal clear sound with a battery life of up to 12 hours. And for the geek in your life, this Spider-Man Bluetooth Speaker at £25 should come with a 'too cute' warning.

Now perfectly affordable (which unsurprisingly means some are perfectly terrible), one of the best under £20 activity trackers is the Antimi Smartwatch (£18.99), featuring features such as pedometer, camera remote control and sleep monitor. For those who simply have to have a Fitbit, the FitBit Flex 2 with LED screen, auto-tracking and five-day charge can be yours for as little as £54.99.

The idea of putting a phone in a stocking might sound the stuff of Rockefellers, but not when they’re as affordable (yet still mega swish) as the Vodafone Smart First 7, at only £15. If you have more in the budget to spare, the Smart E8 (£49.99), with 4G connectivity, long life battery, front and back cameras and a big, bright screen means someone’s going to love Santa just that little bit more this Christmas.


Vodafone are offering 20% off a host of cool tech products this Christmas - perfect for filling up your stockings

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