Five best winter duvets

Is your duvet a bit past its best? Here are five of the best duvets to stay snug this winter – whatever your budget.

1. Homescapes goose feather and down duvet

There's a lot to love about a good feather-and-down duvet: the warmth, the way the filling slowly settles after you loft it across the bed, the feeling of the duvet settling around you as you snuggle down for the night. And this 13.5 tog goose feather and down offering from Homescapes is one of the highest-rated duvets on Amazon, scoring a coveted five stars. One delighted buyer said: "Superb quality. A gorgeous, luxurious and deep, soft duvet. Like sleeping under a feathery cloud."

It is stitched in a box baffle pattern to keep the filling in place and comes in single, double, king and super king sizes. It is also machine washable at home.

2. Snuggledown "Luxury Hotel" duvet

Not everyone wants a down or feather duvet, and if you prefer a synthetic solution but still want a touch of luxury then Snuggledown have got you covered (pun intended). A soft hollowfibre filling promises to provide an indulgent luxury hotel experience with a more relaxed feel than some synthetic duvets – and the 13.5 tog rating should keep you warm on those cold winter nights. Available in four sizes, it is machine washable and suitable for tumble drying.

3. John Lewis Luxury Hungarian goose down duvet

Most "down" duvets are actually a feather-and-down mix to keep them affordable, but why not splash out on your bedding – after all, you're going to use it for approximately one-third of your life!
Filled with the down of Hungarian geese, which live in one of the coldest parts of Europe, the duvet has an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio and settles cosily yet lightly around your body as you sleep.

The cost may be further justified by the fact that it actually comprises of a 9 tog and another 4.5 tog duvet, which clip together to create a 13.5 tog one for the coldest of nights.

One customer wrote: "It completely satisfied my expectations of a wonderfully soft, very light weight and comfortable duvet. The warmth spreads evenly throughout the bed, which I have not experienced before". Available in four sizes, it is also suitable for those with dust mite allergies, as the tightly-woven fabric keeps the critters out of the filling.

4. Slumberdown Winter Warm 15 tog duvet

Perhaps you're on a budget, or just want something cheap and cheerful for occasional use by house guests – in which case this super-snug offering from Slumberdown should get you through the chilliest of winter nights. Its 15 tog rating and synthetic hollwofibre construction means that it is on the bulky side, however it has a 4.8 rating (out of five) on the Argos website and buyers rave about how warm it is.
Machine washable and suitable for the tumble dryer, if you can fit it in, the duvet is actually 70 per cent polyester and 30 per cent cotton, giving a more natural feel than some synthetic duvets.

5. Devon Duvets wool duvet


f neither synthetic or down duvets appeal to you then these is a "third way" in the bedding sector – wool. Handmade in Devon using wool from local Texel sheep, the makers insist that it naturally resists dust mites and is naturally breathable, so you shouldn't get too sweaty when the temperature fluctuates.

It comes in single, double, king, super king and emperor sizes – and in light and medium weights – so you could either purchase both or use the medium with a bed throw for colder nights. It has a 4.7 rating on John Lewis' site and one buyer wrote: "This duvet is wonderful. I have never been able to have a down duvet because of allergies but this is a wonderful substitute as the drape is excellent. It is great to snuggle down in. It is not too heavy and just feels so much nicer than synthetic ones."

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