Pair of pugs live like the Kardashians

With a wardrobe to rival the Kardashians, their own dressing room and a chauffeur driven Mercedes, with the license plate AA 11 PUG, these pooches are VIPs - Very Important Pugs.

Once a designer labels queen, their besotted owner, Sharon Perryman, 44, from Devon, has ditched her own shopping habit, instead spending most of her disposable income on canine couture in specialist pet boutiques.

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Brothers, the dapper dogs - who have thousands of Instagram followers - wear fine fabrics, like top quality wool, and have their own den and dressing room, decorated in pug wallpaper, at pub manager Sharon and her husband Neil's four-bedroom home.

"Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior – my shoe shopping habit used to be slightly crazy. But, since having the pugs, I don't buy them anymore," Sharon laughed. "Now I spend all my spare time and money trawling the internet for treats for my boys.

"I've no idea what the pugs cost, as they were a present from Neil. And I've lost count of what I've spent on them, but I don't bother with tacky stuff. They only get doggy designer gear from online dog boutiques, like Snug as a Pug and Urban Pup, costing from £20 to £65 and made using the best fabrics, like 100 per cent wool or cotton.

"We haven't got children, so I guess I treat my pugs like my kids." Sharon, who was not allowed to have animals as a child, begged bricklaying business owner Neil for a pet pug, after they met online in 2010.

In 2015, a year after their 2014 wedding, he gave in to her demands – reserving a pug from a litter at a Welsh breeder's. Like a mum-to-be, excited Sharon prepared a 'nursery' for the puppy – transforming a spare room in their home into a pug parlour, with a bed and crate to sleep in.

She also embarked on spending spree for her new arrival, before giddily announcing Stanley's birth on Facebook, saying, 'It's a boy.' "I felt like a proud mum," she confessed, recalling the day when she brought Stanley home at nine-weeks-old.

Now Stanley and his brother, George – who has since joined the family – have an array of fabulous outfits, including chic leather jackets and dapper bow ties. Sharon and Neil even changed their car in April this year from a sporty Mercedes E-Class Coupé to a more family-friendly Mercedes GLC, with personal plates.

Stanley is the main trendsetter – with favourite get-ups such as a Harry Potter look, complete with round glasses and a super-smart Downton Abbey-style suit – and Stanley is also becoming a mover and shaker on the canine fashion scene.

He owns over 100 bow ties, bandannas, hats and jumpers, as well as onesies, which he snuggles-up in at night. And they even have a wardrobe. "I was struggling to find the outfits I wanted for George, because there were so many and I was running out of space," laughed Sharon. "So, I went to Ikea and bought a children's wardrobe and hangers, as well as a chest of drawers."

Her pensioner dad, Ian Queen, 68, has even built the dogs a den under the stairs, to play in. She said: "It's covered in pug wallpaper and we keep their 30 harnesses and 15 leads in there.

"It really is a space for them to chill out, a bit like a man cave, but for our pugs."

The pugs have also become a social media hit. Since Sharon, who says she and Neil have never wanted children, started an Instagram account for the dogs and their four cats, Lily, Hector, Blue and Apple, the animals have gathered almost 6,000 followers.

While her pooches live like princes, Sharon has made considerable sacrifices, so they can live the high life. "I used to spend the money on my own clothes and shoes, but now it all goes on my pugs," she laughed. "From being a puppy, Stanley always let me dress him up. He lets me put clothes, like wool jumpers, themed harnesses, animal hats and onesies on him. He just stands there and lets me do it.

"It's probably because he knows if he lets me do it, he will be rewarded with a nice, juicy piece of chicken.

"Sadly, George was diagnosed with Hemivertebrae, where the vertebrae are not developed properly, and needed an operation last month, so he hasn't been able to dress up very much. We had to buy him a buggy to push him around, because he couldn't walk. But I made sure I told everyone we saw he was recovering from an operation. I didn't want them to think I was completely barking mad, pushing my dog around like a baby."

Sharon does fret about negative reactions to her pugs' lifestyle. She said: "People ask me why I do it and the answer is I like spending time with them and they just look so darn cute. I worry people might think the amount of time and money I spend on my boys is ostentatious, but if I had children I'd spend the same - probably more - and the pugs are my kids.

"My friends say I'm crazy because of how much I buy for them, but I love my pugs and I'd do anything for them. For George and Stanley, it really is a dog's life."