Same sex couple renew wedding vow 21 years after marrying as husband and wife

A very rare story unfolded in Kent last weekend. A couple renewed their wedding vows in Ospringe on Thursday, but this time as wife and wife.

While nothing about this story appears surprising at first glance Kristiana and Denise Taylor married first in 1996, when Kristiana was still a man named Stephen.

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Denise and Kristiana married as husband and wife in Newcastle and lived together this way for 16 years.

Stephan even fathered a son with Denise, whom the couple also named Stephen, until the Stephan Senior transitioned in 2012.

Denise supported the decision and the couple renewed their vows after all stages of the transition operation were finished. The couple's son, Stephen, walked the two down the aisle, with friends and family coming together to celebrate the pair's happiness in their new life.

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