Five best mattresses for every budget

Best buys for a good night's sleep


Experts recommend that we change our mattress every eight years, because by this time it will have lost much of its original support. Given that we spend a third of our lives in bed, it's important to sleep on a comfortable mattress - and if you regularly wake up with aches and pains it's even more important to ensure that your mattress is doing a good job.

1. Casper mattress

The original 'bed in a box', the Casper mattress is one of the best around. Made in the US, the foam-core mattress comes with a memory foam layer and ticks the boxes for being supportive and breathable. Testers rate it highly for being comfortable, even if you sleep on your back, and it's a good supportive option no matter your weight or size. The only issue is that it doesn't come with handles, so turning it over can be a chore.

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2. Leesa foam rolled mattress

The Leesa is another bed-in-a-box mattress that gets outstanding reviews. It won a Good Housekeeping award in 2016 and is currently scored at 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon (most users put it as a medium/firm mattress, so it may not suit if you prefer something softer). Made from several layers of different density foam, it offers great spinal support and is very stable – which is useful if you share a bed with a restless sleeper.

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3. Ikea Morgedal mattress

If you're looking for a quality low-cost option, Ikea does a great memory foam mattress. Trusted Reviews recently named it their 'best budget mattress' – and while it's basic compared to some brands, testers said they would recommend it at twice the price, "because it's sag-free, it moulds supportively around your body, and it will see you through years of restful sleep." Just make sure you use it with a slatted-base bed so air can circulate, otherwise it may get hot and damp. It's roll packed, so easy to bring home, and comes with a cover which you can remove and machine wash.

4. Dormeo Memory Plus Mattress

If you tend to get hot and clammy at night, the Dormeo Memory Plus Mattress is a good option. As well as having outstanding breathability, the memory foam mattress offers good support and is suitable for all kinds of sleepers and body types. The makers describe it as medium/soft, so if you prefer a firm mattress, you may find it on the soft side.

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5. Sealy Nostromo 1400 mattress/Sealy Teramo 1400

Sealy is a leading name in the industry, and the Nostromo (also sold under the name Teramo 1400) is one of the comfiest and best value pocket-sprung mattresses around. Soft to medium in firmness, it doesn't sag over time like some others – and it's also easier to roll over on than a memory foam mattress. In case you're wondering, the 1400 refers to the number of pocket springs it contains. While it suits most sleep styles and body types, you might want to choose a mattress with a higher spring count if you're on the heavy side.

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