Five best chimeneas and firepits

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Now summer's here, it's time to get out and enjoy the garden. Whether you invite friends and family around for a BBQ or simply enjoy a glass of wine under the stars, you need something to keep the chill away as it gets dark. With a chimenea or firepit you can enjoy the evening for longer without having to wrap up in blankets – and can even cook a sausage or two!

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1. La Hacienda Large Murcia Steel Chimenea with grill, £62.47
A traditional-style chimenea can be used as a BBQ or patio heater and looks handsome on the patio when not in use. This one from Hacienda is sturdy, easy to light, and comes with a removable flue that lifts off to reveal a BBQ grill. It also comes with a lid to stop it filling with water should it rain.

2. Gardeco Toledo Cast Iron Chimenea - Extra Large Black £149.99
This cast iron model burns any type of fuel (charcoal as well as wood) and has a swing-out grill for easy barbecuing. Because it's constructed from cast iron, it gets hot pretty quickly once you've got it going, and will radiate heat from 360 degrees. If you find it too hot, there are air vent controls to regulate the intensity of the fire.

The other good thing about cast iron is that it keeps its warmth long after the fire inside has died, and unlike some clay chimeneas, it will stand up well to the British frost.

3. Extra large Fire Pit / BBQ, £177.99
This steel fire pit and BBQ gives out a lot of heat from all sides, so is perfect for a large gathering. And unlike some fire pits, there's plenty of room inside to cook thanks to its three adjustable porcelain-coated grills.

Finished with heat resistant paint, the main body is constructed from solid steel and has spark guard mesh on all sides as well as the chimney. Simple to fill and use, the fire pit comes with a hinged door for easy log access as well as a fire poker.

4. Fire Vida Steel Foldable Fire Pit, Small, £29.05
If you're on a budget or looking for something small, this patio heater and BBQ should do the job. Thanks to its foldable legs, it's easy to carry – so a good choice for camping trips. Made from sturdy and durable steel, it can be used as a barbecue and is easy to clean and maintain.

5. Gardeco Botella Mexican Art Chimenea: £139.99, Primrose, £128.95
If you are short on space, this handsome rustic chimenea has a flat back, which means you can stand it next to a wall to save some room. Strong and sturdy with a lovely hand-painted finish, it will make an elegant addition to both contemporary and traditional gardens alike.

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