'Oldest man in the world' dies aged 147

A local celebrity has been laid to rest in rural Indonesia, and no one can deny he had a mighty good run.

According to official papers, Sodimejo passed away on Sunday (April 30) at the age of 147, making him the oldest person in the world by a country mile.

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Known for spending his days smoking and eating, Sodimejo managed to outlive four wives, 10 siblings and all of his children, leaving his care to the next generation.

His grandson said: "There were no specific signs from grandfather before he passed away; it was even a surprise to me.

"The problem was he didn't want to eat or drink.

On Sunday he asked to go for a walk by himself.

"Then at 5pm he passed away."

According to Sodimejo's ID card, he was born in 1870 - but there's been some speculation around that, since Indonesia only started recording births in 1900.

While he was alive, local authorities said they were going to help him get into the Guinness book of world records, but that never happened.

Still, around these parts, he was a treasure, with memories apparently dating back to the 19th century.

In his later years though, he was more focused on the future, specifically the day he'd finally meet his maker.

Monday's (May 1) funeral service saw him buried under a tomb stone that be bought in 1992.