WWII paratrooper skydives at age of 96

Guiseppe de Grada was a paratrooper during the war


Skydiving is a thrilling experience, but this is no ordinary jump.

The man attached to the parachute is 96-year-old Guiseppe de Grada, a former paratrooper who flew missions for the Italian government during World War II.

Guiseppe wanted to get up into the sky and feel the clouds brushing against his face one last time, and was actually trying to save the heavenly experience for his hundredth birthday, but decided that there was no time like the present and made the leap of faith, literally.

Giuseppe de Grada made the jump near his hometown of Cremona on Tuesday, Italy's Liberation Day.

Aero Club Migliaro, the company which conducted the dive, also provided Guiseppe with a special harness for his legs to lessen the impact upon landing.

How would you like to skydive at the age of 96?