Is fillet steak better than sirloin?

Grilled beefsteak with potateos
Grilled beefsteak with potateos

Two of Britain's best chefs tackle one of the biggest questions; but which one wins? Tender fillet is often the softest, but some people prefer the meatier texture of sirloin. And should it be matured for 21 days or 28?
Whatever your preferred cut, the cooking techniques they demonstrate could well make the next steak you cook at home one of the best you've ever eaten.

Tom Kerridge's preferred way of cooking fillet involves rolling it in clingfilm, and he even keeps it on during the first part of the cooking process. Find out why.

Meanwhile, Michael Caines opts for sirloin - but what's he doing with the fat? Both chefs reveal a range of cheffy tricks to make the meat extra tasty and succulent.

And of course, what's a steak without chips and sauce? Tom serves his fillet with cunningly cut chips and creamy Bearnaise. Michael's sirloin comes with a US-inspired tomato-chilli sauce that will set your tastebuds tingling.

And while we're on the subject of steak, have you ever wondered what that red liquid that comes out of a cooked steak is? Because it isn't blood. US steak expert Meathead Goldwyn explains more as he debunks three steak myths.

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