Easy-peasy weekend roasts

roast chicken with carrots
roast chicken with carrots

Sunday roast for friends and family doesn't have to be a complicated meal. There are some versions where you do a little preparation and then leave the whole thing in the oven to slowly cook without any need to slave away in the kitchen. In some cases, the juices turn into a tasty gravy as if by magic.

If roast isn't roast without a bird, why not try the honey roasted chicken with carrots in the video above? This recipe would feed at last six. You could add Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and a salad to make it go further if needed. The roasting temperature (400F) is about 200C.

Lamb responds really well to slow cooking - partly because it often has plenty of fat (particularly shoulder) so leave yourself time to skim it off before serving. Both Tom Kerridge's slow-cooked lamb recipe and this slow-cooked lamb shoulder with vegetables are ideal if you want a dish that can be left in the oven while you go for a walk or to the pub.

Gordon Ramsay's roasted pork belly makes the most of a relatively inexpensive cut. This is also a good option if you want a meal that you can leave in the oven while you get on with something else.

And if you've never made roast chicken before, or if you need a really quick version (maybe to cook after work) Jonny Marsh's cheffy tricks reduce the cooking time to less than an hour. You'd need to make (or buy) gravy as well, but that's a small price to pay for such an impressive feast in such a short time.

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