Woman who kept villagers up with loud music handed £8,000 council bill

Ireshopeburn residents said there was constant thumping in their homes from the noise


A nursing director was left with an £8,000 council bill after playing loud dance music at all hours and disturbing the peace of a remote village in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Sarina Saiger, 51, reportedly played electronic music so loud that other residents in the village of Ireshopeburn could not hear their televisions.

The Times reports that Durham county council served her a noise abatement order following neighbour complaints.

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She fought the order after denying she was present when the music was played but her case was dismissed by magistrates, leaving her with an £8,000 bill.

Villagers said their lives were turned upside down by the noise, which occurred at any time of the night or day.

According to the Daily Mail, neighbour Thomas Mushens, 60, who gave evidence in court, said the noise was "incredible".

"It was what I would call rave music, the bass sound made things shake and there was this constant 'thud,thud,thud,'" he added.

"I came to Ireshopeburn six years ago and I came here just because it is a beautiful place to live and it's so peaceful."

Another resident Angela Dawson said: "I live 50 or 60 yards away and there were times when the music was so loud I could hear the constant thumping inside my home with the doors and windows closed."

Joanne Waller, the council's head of environment, health and consumer protection, said: "We don't want to stop anyone enjoying themselves in their own home but no-one should have to live with excessively loud music from their neighbours."

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