This rescue dog looks like a Picasso painting

He was saved from a high-kill animal centre


Picasso's work stands out among the rest - and this dog knows what that's all about.

Meet Picasso the dog. He was born this way; just think of him as extra smiley.

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And he has a lot to be happy about now.

Picasso and his brother Pablo were born to a backyard breeder. Both ended up at the same high-kill shelter and were on the list to be put down.

But luckily for them, Luvable Dog Rescue from Oregon took them in and are doing a good job spoiling them.

Picasso will soon be smiling pretty for the camera after he gets some dental work done.

He needs surgery to remove some of his lower teeth because they're digging into his jaw.

Once the work is done, Picasso and Pablo will be up for adoption.

Yes, the rescue centre wants them to be a package deal because they're too bonded to separate.

They've already received a bunch of applications, but staffers say they will take their time to see which family is the right fit.

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