Gaza's 'fire barber' brings the heat to haircutting

Gaza's 'fire barber' brings the heat to haircutting

Palestinian barber Ramadan Edwan is lit, his work is smoking hot, his skills are on fire.

Don't worry, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you in the heat, Ramadan's barber shop specialises in singeing their customers' hair to perfection.

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You can find his unusual barbershop in the Rafah refugee camp in the southern area of the Gaza strip, where Ramadan and his crew set hair on fire before styling it.

Ramadan pours flammable powder and liquid on a customer's head before sparking a stream of flammable fluid from a spray can and touching the flame to the hair.

Shockingly, flames often remain on a client's hair for quite a while, eating away at the hair slowly, while Ramadan combs it calmly, brushing away the burnt parts.

Fire barbing is nothing new to this area of the world, and it can even be found in parts of India, where hairdressers use candles to burn hair into style.

This really hot trend leaves a cool cut after hair is burnt by a professional, but perhaps it's better not to play with fire on your own.

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