Five foods that make you happy

Eating these is a great way to beat the blues, says one study


We've all had those stressful days where only a huge bowl of ice cream can make things better.

But next time you want food to lift your spirits try these foods instead: they have been proven to lift your spirits, according to

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Bananas: These are a gift heaven when you're hungover. They have high levels of potassium, as well as tryptophan, a brain chemical which can regulate mood.

Oysters: Known for their aphrodisiac powers, they are also rich in zinc, which can help lower anxiety.

Salmon: This fish is so full of omega 3 fatty-acids that it can actually help you fight depression and give you great looking hair to boot...

Dark chocolate: A great source of antioxidants, dark choc can also help reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

Mushrooms: These are uper high in Vitamin D which can help fight depression.