Food scientists invent a veggie burger that bleeds

The 'Impossible Burger' smells and tastes like meat


While meat substitutes are always bragging about tasting like the real thing, there's only one veggie burger that claims to bleed like the real thing.

The aptly-titled "Impossible Burger" was created by Silicon Valley food scientists and has been released in several swanky restaurants.

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And it's made from wheat, coconut oil and potatoes, according to the New York Times.

It contains heme, a synthetic version of a molecule found in blood, which makes the meat smell and taste and do everything like a beef hamburger.

The company uses fermented yeast to produce heme in bulk.

The goal of the project was to protect the ecosystem by lowering humans' consumption of meat.

But the real question is, will The Impossible Burger leave you asking, "Where's the beef?" Well, kind of.

The taste-tester for the Times says it doesn't taste like a real burger — but he did stay it was "a big step in the right direction," ..and, presumably, one giant leap for burger-kind.