Sharpen up your cooking skills for 2017

Is this the year when you get really good at chopping an onion?

Chopping Garlic and Onions
How many recipes have you made which start with chopping an onion? Have you ever wished you could do it as quickly and easily as the chefs you see on TV?

It's the most basic kitchen skill and yet, for some reason, many of us never learn a good way to do it. There are many techniques, but Gordon Ramsay's tried and tested method in the video above shows a quick and easy way to tackle the task. It saves waste too. And his top tip means you may not end up in tears either.

It may seem slightly slow at first, but once you've done it a few times, you should find you can speed up without cutting yourself, and the same method can be used for shallots.

If using your best knife seems like hard work, it might be worth spending some time sharpening it. Find out how to do it here.

If you're on a roll with brushing up your kitchen skills, find out how to shed vegetables here. Or practise your new chopping skills while making a warming Shepherd's pie.

Gordon's other kitchen tips might make some of your other kitchen tasks easier.

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