This four-year-old has won a bravery commendation for saving her mother's life


We're not sure we would have handled a crisis as maturely and calmly when we were four-years-old as Suzie McCash has done.

When Suzie's mother Rowena collapsed from an allergic reaction, the youngster called 999 and explained that "Mummy's got her eyes closed" and that she couldn't talk. As cool as a cucumber.

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Rowena has now made a full recovery, largely thanks to Suzie's quick thinking.

The young legend from North Tyneside has since received a bravery award and been reunited with the police and ambulance staff who helped that day.

Suzie McCash.

If we're ever needed in a crisis, we can only hope that we'd be half as cool, calm and collected as young Suzie.