'Homeless girl' goes door-to-door in London social experiment

What would you do if she knocked on your door?


Social change company Shape History conducted a social experiment in North London on Halloween night (October 31) in an effort to raise awareness for the street children charity Retrak.

Video uploaded online features nine-year-old actress Jessica Bray playing a homeless girl going door to door and interacting with the local residents.

Mike Buonaiuto of Shape History's explains: "For one night of the year it's acceptable for kids to be roaming the streets trick or treating on Halloween. But this is a reality for thousands of children around the world so we thought we'd put it to the test and see what would happen when British residents come face to face with the issue of street children,"

The local residents' reactions differ, ranging from positive displays of concern for the girl's wellbeing to negative interactions showing distrust.

Shape History's team members approached around 12 households who answered the door and many more without getting any response, a spokesperson for the social change company told Reuters.

More about the charity Retrak's work can be found on its official website at www.retrak.org